Saturday, October 30, 2010

Westboro Parents Make Kids Wear Safe, Organic Halloween Costumes

Westboro - Known as a haven for organic and "green" initiatives, Westboro will see a high number of children dressed in organic Halloween costumes thanks to over-protective and eco-conscious parents. Parents are flocking to the numerous children's boutiques along Richmond Road and Wellington West to purchase organic, fairly traded, green costumes for their children this Halloween.

With many children disappointed they will not be able to dress up as Zombies, Boba Fett, Dracula, Spiderman or even the fail-safe classic "witch", this Halloween in Westboro will see an abundance of character costumes utilizing eco-friendly products or themes. "The Compost Fairy", "Recycler Man", "Rain Barrel" and "Hemp Witch" are all new organically made, eco-safe costumes many parents are excited about making their children wear. "Little Nyles wanted to be Iron Man this Halloween, but that costume is made of plastic with who-knows-what chemicals are in it, so instead I bought him a 100% organic burlap sack costume and he'll be going as a Bridgehead Fairly Traded Coffee Bean bag." Westboro parent Belinda Lasser-Strauss explained as 7 year old Nyles cried uncontrollably in the Green Baby Boutique, which specializes in eco-friendly costumes.

Co-owner and manager of Green Baby Boutique, Leslie Garner commented on how trendy the eco-costumes are this year, and hopes the store will have enough inventory to keep up with demand. "Just yesterday we sold 23 flaxseed bio-degradable Peruvian deity masks." Garner remarked before helping another parent attempt to dress their screaming child in an organic African Tribal costume made of mud and wheat.

Also this year, many parents are taking the precaution to emblazon their child with safety gear and reflective tape so their trick-or-treating child will be out of harm's way on Halloween night. "I made sure to completely cover Leandra's Compost Fairy costume with reflective tape and made her wear a helmet so she's safe on Halloween." Westboro resident and parent Gary Frostman remarked as he purchased a blinker light for his other child's costume at GooGooGaGa Baby Boutique on Wellington Street West.

Traditional store bought costumes featuring classic ghosts, ghouls or favourite cartoon characters are being shunned in favour of the more expensive but bio-degradable "green" costumes being offered in the Westboro area. Residents handing out candy Hallow's Eve should expect large numbers of forcibly costumed children using recycled burlap sacks for candy receptacles, and prepare for kids arriving before it even gets dark so it's not "too scary" for the toddlers. Lasser-Strauss commented before taking her obviously distressed child to their Prius Hybrid in the parking lot.


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