Monday, October 25, 2010


Ottawa- Mayor Elect Jim Watson celebrated his big win Monday night by attending no less than 127 different victory parties across the city. Known for his incredibly busy schedule attending multiple events during his campaign, Watson continued his tradition of being everywhere at once and partied long into the night at various retirement homes, country fairs, church bazaars and frat houses across Ottawa.

Watson’s landslide victory into the Mayor’s chair was a stunning display of shotgun campaigning in the weeks leading up to election, with Watson never ceasing to attend any event in the greater Ottawa Valley. After a victory celebration with Ensure milkshakes at Palisades Retirement Home, Watson and his entourage quickly moved to the Hintonburg Bingo Hall where he was congratulated by hundreds of well wishers for about 12 minutes, and then vacated to attend another party over at the Glebe Community Craft Fair. “I just can’t stop the momentum of visiting everyone!” Watson gleefully exclaimed. “The job has just begun, there are over 98,985 places and events I have yet to visit.” the hard working and charismatic Mayor-elect remarked before Tweeting the location of his next stop.

Losing to Watson, current Mayor Larry O’Brien gave a gracious speech and wished Watson well with his new job as Mayor beginning December 1st. “Jim really made himself available through the use of clones and holograms, which were impervious to my Kryptonite rays.” O’Brien commented before exiting from his campaign headquarters into a waiting Luthor Industries helicopter that took off into the night. O’Brien mentioned in his speech that he looks forward to returning to his secret lair as Lex Luthor and battling Superman once again.

Watson already has plans to attend 86 pancake breakfasts tomorrow morning and hopes to someday meet every citizen in Ottawa. “I’m halfway there, with over 6.786,234 campaign stops over the last ten weeks, I am closer to my goal of meeting everyone in this fine city.” Watson exclaimed before heading to Kanata for a celebratory cake cutting at a Lions' Club. Congratulations Jim, the O-dot wishes you all the best!

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