Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kemptville Area Hunter Accidentally Shot, Tied To Hood Of Pick-Up Truck

Kemptville- In a bizarre deer hunting accident outside of Kemptville, 38 year old Tyler Grogan was accidently shot by another hunter, and then tied to the hood of a truck and driven into the town as a “trophy”. Kemptville OPP are investigating the accident and do not rule out alcohol as a factor in the mishap. Responsible for the shooting is fellow deer hunter 42 year old Kyle Masken who was later arrested in Kemptville at a Mac’s convenience store when employees noticed the tied down hunter on the hood of Maskens 2004 GMC truck as he was attempting to buy cigarettes. Masken was apparently intoxicated while hunting and thought Grogan was a deer, mistakenly shooting him and then tying him to the hood of his truck as a trophy for all to see on his return to Kemptville.

Masken has no re-collection of the three days he spent in the woods outside Kemptville where he was deer hunting with three other hunters, who also were found intoxicated inside the cab of Masken’s truck. OPP are continuing their investigation and encourage anyone who may have seen the incident to report it to their local OPP detachment.

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