Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners Choose To Remain Underground For New TV Show

Hollywood - On the heels of the release of the trapped Chilean miners, ABC has announced plans to launch a new series based on the plight of those trapped underground with a new reality show entitled "Trapped With The Stars" that will air on ABC and CTV October 24th.

The new reality format show will showcase celebrities trapped underground for two months while paired with professional miners in the same mine that had 33 gold/copper miners encased underground for over two months.

"We feel the world is ready to see celebrities in a environment that is both harrowing and entertaining." exclaimed ABC Senior VP of Programming Dwight Klymons who hopes the new series will bring awareness to the gruelling conditions experienced by the trapped miners. "These guys were underground for over 60 days with no outside contact. That is a perfect backdrop for our show that will team a B-list actor from the 1980's with a real miner so we can see who can last the longest." Klymons explained.

The show will consist of five pairs of miners, a celebrity and miner, in a collapsed mine shaft with limited rations. Each week pairs will compete in a competition that will be viewed by judges above the surface, competing in events such as "jack hammering" "air supply conservation" and "sing-a-longs". The currently trapped miners, who were scheduled for rescue Tuesday evening, have been asked by ABC to remain inside their crypt-like environment as celebrities are shuttled down a tube into the collapsed mine shaft to join their isolated counter-parts. So far, two celebrities have already been dropped into the mine, including 1980's funny man Dave Coulier who starred in the popular 'Full House" TV show, as well as pint sized Emmanuel Lewis, who played "Webster" in the 1980's comedy series of the same name. Also scheduled to drop into the mine shaft is Kim Fields who played the character "Tootie" in the popular series "Facts Of Life".

"Trapped With The Stars" airs on October 24th with a special one hour premiere showcasing the claustrophobic conditions with introductions of the miner team mates. ABC has offered the miners $55,000 USD per episode to remain in the collapsed mine shaft, with many eagerly accepting the chance to star alongside Tootie, Webster and Mr. Coulier for another two months in the mine.


  1. Normally I get a good giggle from your stuff, but adding Gary Coleman to the pic lacks class, may he rest in peace.

  2. Thank you for your concern Luc, I would just like to point out that is NOT Gary Coleman in the photo nor mentioned in the article. If you read the article, the character is the talented Emmanuel Lewis, better known as "Webster" from the hilarious and touching 80's sitcom of the same name. Mr. Lewis is still alive and well and bringing smiles to the faces of millions of fans around the world.

    The O-dot blog staff maintains the highest levels of accuracy and "class" in its reports, and we can assure you that the equally talented and late Gary Coleman who unfortunately passed away this year was not mentioned in the article if you read the content.

    Thank you for your concern and we think you lack class in assuming that all vertically challenged african american 1980's child actors are all the same person.

    The o-dot