Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lee Valley Catalogue Features Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Ottawa - The inventive and somewhat whimsical Ottawa based catalogue company Lee Valley has recently launched their latest Christmas catalogue which should be arriving in household mailboxes within the next few days. Chocked full of neat holiday gift ideas and gadgets to make the season more enjoyable, the 127 page catalogue presents unique, if not desirable items for all ages.

Well known for its quality and product selection, Lee Valley adds over 300 new items to the catalogue this Christmas season, with two of these products worth being mentioned for their innovation and imagination, both trademarks of the Lee Valley company.

The Mother-In-Law Bag is a great idea that really aids in the enjoyment of the holiday season by allowing the user to seal up the pesky Mother-In-Law in a handy zippered polyethylene bag so you and guests can calmly enjoy the holidays without the stress of her annoying presence.

Also of note are handy Question and Answer cards to aid in answering all of those annoying personal questions holiday guests seem to ask when they see you. Pre-printed with your favourite questions ahead of time, you simply hand these out to the nosey guest who asked the question in the first place, saving you time and explanations about your life that isn't any of their business in the first place.

These and other great holiday gift ideas are sure to please the most discriminating shopper. Lee Valley President and Ceo Harb Taylor explains. "We try and give our customers the most unique, interesting and whimsical product choices on the market, and I think this year's catalogue hits the mark once again." Look for your Lee Valley catalogue in your mailbox this fall to see for yourself their wide range of unique products.

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