Friday, October 1, 2010

Public Service Introduces Novelty Paycheques In Attempt To Lower Depression In The Workplace

Ottawa - A recent study that exposed a high level of depression among Government employees has resulted in a fun and new way to get paid within the Public Service. As of Friday October 1, all government employees will now receive their paycheques in a hilarious over-sized cheque format that will boost morale and bring a much needed smile to the depressed employees.

The study concluded that Ottawa is sad place to be because its distressed workplace makes the city the “depression capital of Canada,” leading mental health expert Bill Wilkerson says. Co-founder of the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health.“The federal workplace, make no mistake about it, makes people sick. It’s a distressed and dismayed workplace,” said Wilkerson.

“The first decade of the 21st century has been a tough one for the health and well-being of federal employees, and the trends here certainly suggest that Ottawa is emerging as Canada’s capital of workplace depression.”Depression is the fastest-growing source of workplace disability in the public and private sectors and costs the economy about $51 billion a year. But few workplaces are hit as hard as the public service — especially among workers over 40 years old, in their prime working years.

The federal government spends about $600 million a year on health benefits for its employees, so the introduction of the funny, and whimsical paycheque will surely alleviate the problem, and reduce health costs. Studies have proven that over-sized cheques increase endorphin levels in the brain when they are given to a person, with the recipient feeling happier, and more content than receiving a regular sized paycheque.

The novelty cheques will cost and extra $40 million a month to distribute, but the benefits are sure to justify the costs, says Health Canada spokesperson Jill Brady, who endorses the use of the giant cheques. "You can just see their faces light up when they get their cheques each payday, they feel like they have won the lottery." Brady remarked.

Some employees enjoy the new cheque format, while others are hesitant about embracing them. "I find it hard to get on the bus after work with my huge paycheque and I can't really deposit it into the ATM easily." lamented George Trusdale who received his first novelty cheque today. "It's fun to get it, and I guess I feel happier." Trusdale replied.

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