Thursday, October 7, 2010

IG-88 Droids Replace Parking Meters On City Streets

Ottawa- Coin operated parking meters will be become a thing of the past as new IG-88 Droids will replace the less efficient meters next month. Touted as the “ultimate parking payment method” for city parking, the new droids will be phased into service beginning with Preston Street and moving east into the downtown core.

The City of Ottawa decided to implement the droids after recent studies concluded that there was a 87% increase in revenue collected with the droids over the traditional meter collection. Manufactured by Galactic Empire Industries, the parking droids are solar powered and allow users to pay with credit, debit or cash and then dispense a ticket that can be displayed on the vehicle. Failure to pay for parking initiates a penalty program in the droid that results in focused laser blasts directed at the infracting vehicle and operator.

“The IG-88s have proved themselves as a successful parking meter system throughout the world and we are excited to bring their efficient revenue collection techniques to the streets of Ottawa.” exclaimed Beth Helmstone, Bylaw Services Chief Officer. “These stationary units not only allow a more convenient method of payment but also stops people from rolling into a parking spot that still has time on the meter.” says Helmstone.

The IG-88 Droids cost over $500,000 each, but come equipped with GPS targeting, multiple credit card interface and a 360 rotational laser. Known for their work in tracking rogue smugglers, the droids have recently been utilized by Bylaw Services who find them efficient and cost saving. “The IG-88s may look intimidating, but they really make paying $6.00 an hour for parking a pleasurable experience.” commented Helmstone.


  1. The Elgin, Bank and Market models are also programmed to give solid high fives and hold your hair back after you've had one too many.

  2. Why don't they accept imperial credits?

  3. Lobot is looking into that modification as we speak!