Monday, October 4, 2010

Leadman, Hobbs Prepare For Swimsuit Segment Of Campaign

Kitchissippi Ward- In what is turning out to be a close race for councillor in the Kitchissipi Ward, leading candidates Christine Leadman and Katherine Hobbs are nervously preparing for the casual, but all-important swimsuit segment of the municipal election campaign. Donning revealing bikini swim wear, the two female candidates will take to the stage Friday October 15 at the Tom Brown Arena and perform an on-stage question and answer period from 8-9pm. Both Leadman and Hobbs hope the swimsuit segment of the campaign will not only raise awareness of their political platforms, but also their personal appearances, notably skin condition and body toning.

With appearances being a critical part of the campaign process, Hobbs and Leadman have decided to incorporate the swimsuit segment into the campaign to bring an added dynamic to those voters who are still undecided. Sporting revealing bikini swimwear while taking to the stage and answering questions from ward residents will hopefully bring the two candidates to a closer, more personal level with their constituents.

"Sure I've fielded questions about transit issues and condo development, but now it's time for voters to see the real Christine, the one who chills out at the beach and hits the gym every second day." Leadman exclaimed while applying self tanning lotion to her thighs. Hobbs on the other hand, sees the swimsuit segment as a way to reach out to the male voters of the Kitchissippi ward. "I decided to break out the bikini and show off what is below my neck." Hobbs remarked. Many residents are already familiar with the provocative and sultry photo of Hobbs on her election signs posted on street corners around the neighbourhood. "A recent poll has shown a positive male response to my election signs, so I feel I owe them something more." Hobbs explained.

The all-candiate swimsuit segment includes Hobbs, Leadman and Stringer, who is opting for a more conservative 1920's one piece swimsuit, but hopes to answer any questions voters may pose during the event. Hobbs and Leadman also invite media and press to attend a ritualistic duel after the question period where the candidates will engage in a battle similar to the one in that Star Trek episode where Spock and Kirk have to duel to the death with cool weapons.


  1. This is sexist. These are our community leaders. They deserve our respect.