Monday, May 27, 2013

Government Employee Wears Bike Helmet, ID Badge Everywhere

Emily Rottman never removes her bike helmet.
Ottawa - An area woman is still wearing her bike helmet even though she has been off her bike for hours and is going about her daily routine. Emily Rottman, 46, a Level 3 analyst for some Government Office was spotted parking her bike downtown after a commute in from the Glebe. Heading to her office cubicle, Rottman did not remove her helmet, and continued to never remove her helmet all day. 

Going about her daily work routine of attending meetings, Rottman never once thought it was odd that she continued to wear a bike helmet around even though she was no where near a bike. The helmeted government employee continued to eat lunch, and make some copies, all the while still wearing her bike helmet adorned with lights and a projecting rear view mirror.
Rottman out on a date with the bike helmet.

Even attending a wedding, the helmet stays on.
When asked about the helmet, Rottman replied "I just can't be bothered, since I will be on my bike again soon anyway." The helmet continued to be worn after commuting home from work, and even when on a dinner date at a local vegan restaurant. Rottman continued to also wear her laminated government ID badge the entire time outside the office. "The ID badge and helmet are all part of a lifestyle I like to live, and they both seem to compliment each other." Said Rottman, who also wore her laminated government ID badge and bike helmet to her niece's wedding this past weekend. "It was a wonderful outdoor wedding that I biked to and I really enjoyed being a part of all the wedding photos." stated Rottman, who also admitted she wears her helmet and ID badge to bed. "It's a comfort thing, and I find they both allow me to show the world who I am as a person."