Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ottawa Celebrates Opening Of 786th Irish Pub

Kanata Centrum- Residents of the Ottawa area were treated yet again to the festive grand opening of a "traditional Irish Pub" on Synergy Drive, just west of the Kanata Syntrex Plaza.
The opening of "Danny McShanigans" marked the 786th Irish pub to open in the Ottawa area, and plans are underway for about 54 more to open in 2011.

"Folks just love the Irish hospitality the pub offers its customers" explained McShanigans manager Hasalm Mhaffi amongst the raucous crowd at the grand opening Thursday night.
Mhaffi noted that his pub will be unique in that it will offer patrons a carefully applied selection of eclectic memorabilia nailed to the walls, over 10 beers from Ontario on tap, 13 different fried appetizers including nachos, and of course live music every Friday and Saturday night. Customers will also be amused by the bathrooms that already have the stall doors ripped off their hinges and a serving staff that wear the latest Irish mini-skirts.

"It's great," exclaimed local patron Kevin Merton who works around the corner at CirosNet, "After a tough morning at the office we all come down here and let our hair down at lunch and get a pitcher of Coor's Light and a taste of Ireland before swiping back into work again at 2pm."

Danny McShanigans also offers free parking and is conveniently located next to Boston Pizza and East Side Mario's.


  1. Ug, I can taste the banality from here.

  2. I'm sure Mr Mhaffi worked very hard to ensure authenticity........