Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Budget Cuts Force Short Buses To Become Shorter

Gloucester - Recent provincial funding cuts have forced the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board to make drastic changes within the Transport Division of the Board, leaving trustees with no other choice but to make the already short buses even shorter. "This is a devastating blow to our Transport Sector, but we feel it's necessary if we want to stay on budget this term." explained School Board Trustee Ian MacInnes. "With a 45% reduction in the length of our short buses, we'll be conserving materials and fuel dramatically." stated MacInnes.

Students heading back to school next week may find their back to school ride less comfortable because the seats have also been removed to save costs. The rural and special program short buses have been targeted since most of them already have the chassis weld points adjusted, making the further shortening an easier task.

OCDSB officials remind students heading back to school next week to wear helmets if they are taking a bus since bus driver training programs were also cut over the summer, making most drivers of school buses unfamiliar with the braking and accelerating systems of the new vehicles.

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