Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swiss Chalet Introduces Exciting New Palliative Care Menu

Ottawa- Chewing and digestion will seem almost effortless when the new "Palliative Menu" hits Swiss Chalet restaurants later this month. In an exciting, and bold new direction, Swiss Chalet hopes to appeal to their growing elderly demographic by offering easy to chew, smaller portions, and quite colourless menu items. "We noticed a large number of our customers were over 75 and had a hard time chewing and digesting our previous food choices." stated Cara Foods Operations Manager Barb Forthright, who personally researched the new menu. "These new items are amazingly easy to swallow and offer the same colour palette of greys and pale browns that are sure to please."

Known for their famous quarter chicken dinners and "Festive Feast" during the holiday season, Forthright hopes the new menu will become equally as popular and even envisions future menus that utilize Intravenous Feeding Tubes, or IFT's. "We are slowly integrating certain foods, and hope to have IFTs in place soon." stated Forthright.

When asked about the new menu, many customers expressed excitement over the food choices, and hoped the new menu would also include the complimentary drink refills. "Stan and I come here often because of the bottomless Ginger Ale for our pills, but we haven't been back since they turned on the air conditioning and it's too cold." exclaimed customer Ruth Giller who has frequented the Kirkwood Ave. location for over ten years.

Known for its authentic Swiss cuisine and appeal to senior citizens, many Swiss Chalets are also offering more handicapped parking spaces and a free "Ensure" meal supplement beverage with the purchase of a Combo Meal.


  1. I know someone who got Campylobacter poisoning at a Chalet so apparently, if you choose the right location, they're moving the menu from palliative care to active euthanasia.