Monday, August 23, 2010

Doting Dads Excited About New "Tween Carrier"

Designed and manufactured by "Can't Let Go Inc." a New England child accessory company, the new carrier will comfortable accommodate a child up to 100 pounds and also make the parental bond even stronger. "We designed this carrier for those parents that like to continue to coddle and dote on their children well into their tween years. There seemed to be a large demand for such a device, especially amongst trendy, hip dad's that like to walk around with their child strapped to their chest while they get a latte." explained CLG President
Laura Hiles. "More and more we are seeing parents take their children with them everywhere, includi
ng the workplace, and carrying their kids into their older, more formative years."

Already well known for their workplace carriers that allow the doting dads to carry their child into the workplace, CLG hopes the new 'Tween Carrier" expands their market presence in the highly competitive child accessory market. Consumer response has been positive, with many dads lining up for over two hours to purchase their Tween carrier. "I'll gladly buy one so I can take my 11 year old son with me down to Bridgehead or to Thyme and Again where we can share a Lemon Tart." remarked Doug Noiles, father of Hayden and who lives in the West Wellington area. "We go everywhere together, I just took Hayden to his first heart transplant in the operating room where I work." Noiles beamed.

CLG also released plans for a "Tween Car Safety Helmet" that should be on store shelves in time for Christmas.

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