Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunshine Girl Hates Rollerblading

Ottawa- Recent Sunshine Girl "Nikki" shocked readers of this week's Ottawa Sun newspaper by announcing she detests rollerblading, hanging with friends and even beach volleyball. Contrary to what many readers expected, Nikki instead enjoys watching BattleStar Galactica, reading some comics and playing World Of Warcraft in her spare time.

"I'm really not into rollerblading and beach volleyball like my counterparts" stated Nikki, 27, who is currently employed by the National Research Council as a Technical Analyst. "I'd rather rack up some kills playing Warcraft or even head down to the video store and rent The Empire Strikes Back instead of hitting the clubs with the girls."

Having been featured as Sunshine Girl has made Nikki aware that some readers may be confused by her dislike of rollerblading but does not discourage others from trying it. "Hey, have fun blading along the canal, that's great, but I'll be the one watching you from the bench with a book!" exclaimed Nikki.

Nikki can also be seen in the upcoming edition of the SunShine Calendar 2011.

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  1. Yahoo! Just heard your interview on LIVE 88.5… Awesome to know you are getting some PR. Love your stuff. Keep it coming!!!