Friday, July 30, 2010

Bluetooth Technology Now Allows Crazy People To Talk To Themselves

Ottawa Centre- Scores of crazy people across the city are enthusiastically embracing Bluetooth technology to talk to themselves without the scornful looks from passer-bys. Once frowned upon by the general public for being too intrusive, the new Bluetooth wireless ear pieces are making it possible for many delusional lunatics to rant and scream without the judging stares and complaints from onlookers.

"I bought this thing for twenty bucks at Radio Shack and now I can scream and rant as much as I want and no one gives me a second glance." exclaimed local crazy person Sid the Bib who can often be heard screaming into thin air along Somerset Street. "Now I can blend in with those fancy folks in suits who have the same things so we can all talk to ourselves together and no one cares."

As Bluetooth technology becomes more affordable, more and more people are opting to use the hands free communication device to speak on the phone, making it harder to define who is actually involved in a genuine conversation, and those using it to mask a seemingly nonsensical conversation.

"I use it all the time to keep in touch with the office but sometimes I just wear it so I can yell and scream for no reason" stated Transport Canada analyst Gary Hemfield. "Its's great for just venting some pent up steam from a day gone wrong" Hemfield noted.

Local crazy people are applauding the technology that now makes their random outbursts of insanity plausible, and hail the device that gives them the freedom to express themselves without repercussions. "Now when I yell about the stupid @#*%suckers who are stealing my secret rainbows I don't have anyone telling me to shut up."


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