Monday, August 16, 2010

Subdued Glebe Residents Eagerly Await "Helix" Concert, "Zipper" Ride At This Year's SuperEx

The Glebe - Once again Glebe residents are anxiously awaiting this year's SuperEx held at Lansdowne Park in the heart of the Glebe community. Recent debate surrounding the future development of Lansdowne Park has given way to giddy excitement as the 122nd SuperEx opens this Thursday August 19th with 1980's supergroup "Helix" headlining the 2010 concert series.

"This is not just a two week noisemaker and parking nightmare for us," stated Glebe resident Gilbert Longtropp, who looks forward to the SuperEx every year at this time. "The constant drone of Midway rides, screaming, and the delectable smell of corn dogs and fried onions wafting across our neighbourhood really signals the end of summer in a unique way." Longtropp exclaimed. He and his wife, Rhodesia, often frequent the event, taking their 3 year old adopted Vietnamese son, Quan, to the exciting Midway. They enjoy such rides the nerve bending "Zipper" and even the "Rock&Roller Cyclotron" that pleases many of the attendees to SuperEx.

Also creating much anticipation in the neighbourhood is the performance of "Helix", the once popular 1980's rock band whose toe-tapping lyrics of love will permeate the air of the Glebe August 22nd. "Most years we get a couple of the neighbour's together after Poetry Club with a glass of Merlot, and sit outside and really enjoy the hard-rock anthems of the SuperEx concerts." explained Fifth Avenue resident Nesmond Treasle, who with his partner Greg, enjoy the event amidst the fray of "non-Glebers" who descend upon the community for two weeks at the end of August each year. "Sure the streets are chaos with 20,000 cars trying to find side-street parking, and sure we have some folks relieving themselves on our crocus garden at 3am, but it's all part of the SuperEx experience." stated Treasle, who already has his all-event pass.

City officials also look forward to the well attended event, but express concern over the hastily assembled Midway rides that could mean a more thorough safety inspection. "Usually the entire array of Mid-Way rides are assembled in 48 minutes, but this year they were put up in 44 minutes, which leads us to believe there may be some safety concerns regarding the rides." City Safety Inspector Hal Gorman explained.

Safely or not, this year's SuperEx is sure to bring smiles to both Glebe residents who live next door, and to those who come from outside the vibrant community.

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  1. I would like it noted that I only peed on their crocus because I got desperate when I couldn't remember which side-street I'd parked my car on.