Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dehydrated Dickie Dee Guy Eats Last Spacecicle Leaving Only Phantoms

Gladstone Ave. - The joyous sounds of jingling bells were silenced Saturday afternoon when long time Dickie Dee employee Herb Longley was terminated for consuming the last Spacecicle leaving only Phantom iced treats left in the wheeled cooler.

With Saturday's daytime temperature reaching 36 degrees with the humidex,
Longley was near exhaustion from peddling his 450 pound
cart up Gladstone Avenue when he decided to break company protocol and cool himself down with a Spacesicle iced treat from the cart's inventory. Unbeknownst to Longley, this was the last treat in the cooler other than the "Phantom" treats. The least favourite of all iced treats, the Phantom's purple coating with gumball eyes is only enjoyed by those who have to purchase it because nothing else is available. Before passing out from the heat, the popular Spacecicle provided Longley with enough energy to make it to Preston Street where he was stopped by Regional Supervisor Greg Harrington, who inspected Longley's cart to find it containing only Phantoms.

"This is a complete breach of Dickie Dee policy. No server is allowed to help themselves to the products in their cooler, regardless of the temperature." exclaimed Harrington, who fired Longley on the spot. Longley was devastated by the hasty termination and stated "I was so hot and dehydrated, I really couldn't resist the Spaceicle with its tri-colors." Longley reported he made a record $12.57 that day and will be hard pressed to find another job that will provide as much income.

Longley was relieved from duty immediately and his cart containing only the Phantom iced treats was trailered and taken to the Dickie Dee regional warehouse where it was re-stocked with new treats for Sunday service.

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  1. I guess only I love phantoms :(. Even though the eye get as hard as rocks.