Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Ruined By Brother-In-Law Wearing Flip Flops

Strathmere- Approximately 150 friends, family and well wishers attending the much anticipated Garner-Kealey Wedding were devastated to have their special day ruined by the brother-in-law of the bride, Doug Kealey, a known goof, who attended the formal event wearing casual footwear. The bride, Shauna Garner quickly broke into tears when she saw her brother-in-law enter the ceremony wearing his favourite flip flops along with his ill-fitting suit. "The invitation clearly stated this was a formal dress attire event, and then that jack-ass shows up in flip flops?" sobbed Garner, who had carefully planned every aspect of the wedding for over 15 months.

The exclusive wedding ceremony took place on the grounds of the picturesque Strathmere Estate, with a wonderful custom made white lattice arch, toddler girls in cute dresses carrying baskets of flower petals that were strewn along the path, and a catered dinner with glazed carrots, chicken or beef and a three tier cake.

"The wedding is completely ruined in my mind" stated Kelly Jenkins, a bridesmaid who was one of many shocked by the appearance of Doug in the flip flops. "He knew how important this wedding was to Jenny and how she planned it to be a perfect day. He is such a an uncaring jerk to do this to her." When asked why he chose to wear the flip flops, Doug replied "Hey man, I want to be comfortable and show that I'm a laid back kind of guy." Also stating he was hoping to score the attention of some female attendees at the wedding with his "laid back style" Doug Kearney's plan was quickly shattered when the DJ played Red Red Wine by UB40. "I was trying out a a new dance move I perfected at the office Christmas party but I slipped and herniated a disc".

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