Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Office Workers Seriously Sunburned During Extended Patio Lunch

Preston Street - What was supposed to be a casual lunch break took a tragic turn Wednesday afternoon when 3 members of the Systems Sales Branch of LogiTex Corp. suffered major sunburns during an extended patio lunch. Initially the lunch was supposed to be no more than an hour, but when Chad Kinsler joined the table, things got crazy, and two more pitchers of Coor's Light were ordered and the UV rays took their toll on the unaware patrons.
After enjoying a delectable assortment of Munchie Platter items, the group of 3 office workers thought they might order another round of drinks after closing the important Lynksys Account, but with the UV index in the high 8 range, the unknowing cubicle workers were bombarded by damaging radiation from the sun resulting in massive sunburning, with 2 members of the group being rushed to hospital soon after the third pitcher. "Glen was just laughing at a joke I made about our the secretary, and then he just collapsed into his blue cheese dressing" exclaimed Rob Siddler, a co-worker who was part of the patio lunch. "The weather was good, the waitresses were bringing us drinks, and before we knew it, we were in the sun for like, 3 hours straight." Siddler remarked.

Ambulances arrived at the patio restaurant on Preston, and the two sun-stroked victims were treated at the nearby Civic Hospital. Local physician Margot Harmstein gave some insight to to the tragedy. "A lot of these office workers sit in subdued fluorescent light all day, and then they go to a patio and sit in direct high UV sun for hours, resulting in exposure trauma." Harmstein warns the over zealous office workers should remain in the shade to avoid further tragedy. "Just keep in the shade and remain hydrated." Harmstein advised.

The unidentified office workers still remain in hospital but are expected to recover in time for the Friday Rib Off Barbecue on the patio beside the LogiTex office.

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