Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple Launches New iGun For American Market

California - In a surprise launch Thursday afternoon, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs enthusiastically introduced his company's latest product, the much anticipated iGun. Geared towards the growing criminal and gangster market in America, Jobs revealed the iGun with great fanfare and treated the press to a demonstration, firing several rounds into the ceiling and then almost simultaneously Tweeting about it on the cellular weapon device.

Jobs explained this latest product from Apple will not only provide its users with 4G communication and data capabilities, but also personal protection and advanced defence convenience. Combining the technology of the already popular iPhone, with the robust firepower of a 9mm, Jobs hopes the iGun will reach the growing gangster and criminal market that he thinks has been overlooked in the past. "Sometimes you need to protect yourself or fire a few rounds for personal reasons, but also record or update your media profiles about these events that just took place. The new iGun will be able to now do both." Jobs explained.

A host of new apps have already been planned in conjunction with the iGun's October release, with many related to the product's features as a hand gun. Such apps include "Round Count" that informs the user how much ammo is left in the device. "On Target" is an app that helps the owner with their aim using a special gyroscope function. Of particular interest current is the "Tracker App" that allows users to GPS monitor certain individuals for targeting purposes.

Now with both firepower and cellular services combined, Apple has the advantage over its competitors who are somewhat surprised by the product's versatility. "We knew they had something up their sleeve, but this is amazing." stated Nokia chairman Hans Glummer, who noted his company will be offering a similar product in the spring.

The iGun will only be available through Apple retail outlets in the United States, and require a permit to purchase. Suggested retail price will be $499 USD.

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  1. Impressive. Although I prefer sidearms that can deal with Flash...