Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trendy Parents Devastated Friends Have Cooler Stroller

Wellington West - Proud new parents Matheo Roberts and Sarah Fisher-Roberts were dismayed to learn that close friends have recently purchased a cooler, more elite name brand stroller than their Babe-Trek device they currently operate. Transporting their new child Mosaic-Kaila Roberts down the trendy sidewalks of Wellington West took a saddening turn when the Smirle Avenue parents ran into friends using a better Kid-Rover stroller that features a latte warmer and iPhone holder with GPS.

“We really thought we had the best stroller in the neighbourhood.” commented Sarah, who is on maternity leave from her job as Senior Manager of Regional Managers at Service Canada. “With Jenny and Mike having the better stroller, it really makes us feel uncomfortable.” exclaimed Sarah.

Mike and Jenny, friends who have recently also had a child, Utopia, live on Kenora Street and purchased their Kid-Rover at a baby boutique on Wellington last week. They are thrilled with its advanced features. “The All-Wheel-Drive and traction control really help us navigate the sidewalks along Wellington when we go for our Saturday lattes” commented Jenny, who met Sarah while participating in an Organic Yoga Retreat.

Known for its highly competitive stroller scene, the Wellington West area has become a recent haven for trendy new parents and sales of high-end strollers has escalated to meet the increased demand. Kate Lineman who operates Nipple Biter Baby Boutique said sales for the Kid-Rover are surprisingly strong and there is a three month waiting list for new orders. “That stroller is hard to keep in stock ever since the once popular Goo-Goo-Ga stroller was recalled due to faulty airbags” Lineman explained. “We hope to have more in stock next week but they are the more expensive deluxe models that have Tiptronic Shifting and Bose sound systems”.

Sarah and Mathis later consoled each other with extra grande mocha lattes and are contemplating un-inviting Mike and Jenny from next week’s play date.


  1. I like the baby names and also the line "Known for its highly competitive stroller scene..."

  2. Sheer brilliance. I'm dying to know who is writing this. You are probably one of my neighbours...

  3. Yes, I think I saw you going through my recycling bin the other night....

  4. I long for the days when I pushed my baby through the (not yet then and now no longer trendy)Glebe in an umbroller stroller from Zellers. Sure his spine was probably permanently damaged from the constant slumping, but at least I didn't flatten whole families while trying to pass them on the sidewalk.

  5. Great and very witty post! Unfortunately accurate account of the O-dot baby scene.