Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wacky Morning Radio Crew Excited About Upcoming Gig At Mattress Mart

Merivale Road- Ottawa listeners of the goofy but informative morning show, "The Jolt" will be pleased to know the crew at LITE 99.9 are having trouble controlling enthusiasm for their "live, on-location" broadcast from the Merivale Matress Mart Discount Depot this coming weekend. The chipper and wacky crew at LITE 99.9 are constantly ecstatic about the gig at Mattress Mart, where unbelievable deals on sleep sets will be announced live, on location.

"I just can't wait to spend my Saturday from 7am til 9pm broadcasting live from the Mattress Mart, bringing deals on bedding to the listening public." exclaimed spunky morning radio personality "Mudcat" Stevens, who is ripe with excitement about his live broadcast from the Merivale Road location of Mattress Mart. "This is what radio is all about, bringing smiles, music and deals on bedding to our faithful listeners." beamed co-host Daryl Kelly who shares the show with Mudcat and Jenny.

Known for their hilarious morning banter from 5am to 10am on Lite 99.9, the jokes are sure to continue into the rest of the day this Saturday when Mudcat airs hourly deals from Mattress Mart. "Where else can you get a queen size mattress set for under $399?" remarked Stevens, who also encourages listeners to stop by so they can pick up their free eco-friendly shopping bag. "Sometimes we have to be more than a wacky morning DJ to our listeners at 7am, we also have to bring information on bedding value."

The seemingly endless hilarity of jokes and safe humour brought to listeners of Lite 99.9 will continue during the live broadcast from Mattress Mart Saturday, where Mudcat hopes to introduce many musical favourites amidst amazing savings on box spring and mattress sets. "We are pretty hilarious with our banter in the studio, but now with the added element of broadcasting live, on location from a Mattress Mart, we are sure to take radio entertainment to a whole new level." Mudcat boasted.

Many listeners may remember the hilarity of a previous live, on location broadcast from The Brick last month where the goofy morning crew broadcast deals on furniture and electronics. The Mattress Mart gig is sure to top last month's broadcast, and Mudcat hopes people will stop in and experience the savings. "Our witty banter is one thing, but promoting quality single coil mattress sets is no joking matter." exclaimed Stevens.


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