Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chickadee In Critical Condition After Telling Noisy Crow To Shut The F@#* Up

McKellar Park - A pleasant morning was marred Tuesday when a small chickadee was assaulted, pecked and left for dead by a large crow in the McKellar Park area of Ottawa. Known to area residents for its loud and obnoxious early morning cawing from a telephone wire on Dovercourt Avenue, the large crow apparently attacked the chickadee when it approached the crow and tweeted politely for him to keep it down as neighbouring birds were still trying to sleep. The crow ignored the chickadee's plea for quiet, and continued to caw incessantly for no reason.

After several further attempts by the chickadee to silence the crow, the crow became annoyed and violently attacked the chickadee who was defenceless against the much larger black bird. Fighting furiously for his life, the chickadee tweeted to fellow birds in the area, who came to his aid but only after the crow had inflicted serious pecking to the small bird. A variety of warblers, sparrows and even a rarely seen cardinal fought off the noisy crow who then flew off to a nearby squirrel carcass on the side of the road.

The injured chickadee was rushed to a nearby bird bath where he remains in stable, but critical condition with massive beak lacerations and serious de-feathering. A blue jay has been hired by the chickadee community to hunt down the crow and aggressively force it to find a new wire to sit and caw on.

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