Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out Of Control Hogweed Robs Bank

Greely- The invasive Hogweed plant is continuing to cause problems in the Ottawa area when one took the bold move of robbing a local branch of TD Canada Trust Saturday afternoon. The dangerous weed plant stormed into the branch at the corner of Bank and Rideau Rd. at approximately 3:15pm. Demanding the teller hand over $2000 in cash, the plant threatened to "Give everyone a rash and maybe put sap in someone's eye" as reported by staff teller Kelly Langois who was confronted by the huge plant. "I was scared but remained calm. The thing was about 8 feet tall and had a raspy voice. I could tell it was out of control and desperate." Wielding its toxic leaves at the staff members, it grabbed a bag of undisclosed cash and ran out to a waiting car.

Police arrived on the scene moments after the incident took place and took chase by car but the Hogweed and one other suspect eluded capture as they raced away in a stolen 2009 Camaro.
"These plants are getting bolder and more dangerous. We've had reports of one being drunk and attacking a resident, but this robbery has shifted our observation of the plant to that of being extremely dangerous." stated Officer Morhan who responded to the bank's 911 call.
Later Saturday evening reports also came in a Hogweed was drunk and picking fights at a local pub but again left the scene when authorities arrived.

Residents who encounter the dangerous and toxic plant are urged not to make contact and call 911 immediately.

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