Friday, July 23, 2010

Bridgehead Opens New Location Inside Existing Location

Wellington St W.- Coffee drinkers were treated to the opening of a brand new Bridgehead location last Saturday when the popular West End coffee chain opened a new location right inside an existing location. Bridgehead, an Ottawa based coffee shop that has over 12 locations in the West End of Ottawa already, decided it "only made sense" to open a new location inside an existing location.

"We considered opening up a location across the street from an existing location, but it made more sense to open one inside a current location to give customers less of a walk and make the decision easier where to get that second coffee." exclaimed Bridgehead manager Beth Herkle.

Following the trend of rival coffee shop, StarBucks, that has been known to open new locations in close proximity to an existing location, Bridgehead hopes this bold move makes loyal coffee drinkers of their fair trade coffees "less travelled" to get that cup of coffee.

So far consumer response has been positive although somewhat perplexed. "I thought I was seeing double when I walked in the shop, but then I realized they opened a second location inside, which makes my walk to get a second cup a lot easier." states Ness Wayward. "Before I'd have to walk at least 400 metres to another location to get a second espresso, now that trek is a lot easier."

Plans are already underway to open another new location in Spring 2011 on top of the Wellington St. shop to bring the total to three shops in one place.

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