Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Dead After Violent Biker Gang Fight

Hintonburg - Two are dead and 12 others injured after a violent weekend brawl between rival biker gangs in Ottawa's Hintonburg district. Ottawa Police are still investigating, but early reports are showing that a massive brawl broke out between rival biker gangs on Hinchey Ave. Sunday night after a "drag race" between the two factions.

Known to police as "The E-Street Band" and "The Rascals", these two well-known gangs have been known to clash before in the Hintonburg district of Ottawa. Often seen roving the streets on popular and eco-friendly electric e-bikes, the E-street Band has terrorized numerous citizens with their reckless driving habits, sometimes exceeding speeds of 10km/h. A somewhat tougher, more organized biker group, The Rascals comprises of about 25 overweight and senior citizen members that have been known to frequent neighbourhood sidewalks with their quiet but deadly machines.

Not requiring any licenses or insurance, both gangs use small electric vehicles that are quiet and ecological friendly. Sporting efficient batteries, the gangs like their stealthiness for purse snatching and assorted "getaway crimes".

The brawl that happened Sunday night pitted rival gangs against each other after an apparent drag race between members where one resident witnessed the incident and described it as "terrifying". A resident who did not want to be identified said after the race was over, some name calling and denture throwing began, which then escalated into a full out, demolition derby between the gangs. Two people were left dead, crushed by the high speed impacts, and others were left injured by electric shock from exposed batteries amongst the wreckage of electric scooters.

Police are still investigating and if anyone witnessed the event, they are asked to call their local community police detachment office.


  1. I work on Somerset, and we sometimes get terrifying glimpses of the Rascals, throwing their weight around. Er, pardon the pun. As I live in the Byward Market--well, don't even get me started on the E-Street lot.