Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hobo Excitement Grows With Announcement of New 2010 Model Cart

WESTBORO- Local hobos and street people are showing signs of unbridled anticipation as word spread of the new 2010 shopping carts that are soon to be released to grocery stores across the country. Boasting new non-wobbly wheels, chromium finish, and corrosion resistant undercarriage, the new carts are expected to be a huge hit with the street crowd who depend on such vehicles to transport their worldly possessions from dumpster to dumpster. Grocery stores are reluctant to show the same enthusiasm as they lose up to 230 carts a year to the hobos. metro General Manager Herb Peswicky stated "WEll, they are nice, but the nicer they are the more we lose and then are customers have to resort to basket shopping". Blogs and internet sites are already ablaze with discussion on mods to the carts including winter tires, sleeping bag attachments, and special empties rack.

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