Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Hole Digging Begins

Ottawa- Construction crews began the annual ritual of digging random holes in streets across the neighbourhood today. Public Works Supervisor Hank Granger was baffled when asked what the digging was for, "We just get a work order from head office asking us to start digging holes in the streets at certain locations, but really don't know what we are digging for." Granger continued to express concern that his crews start the day excited to be digging, but after a few days grow tired and lose morale to continue the senseless digging. "Somedays I have five guys leaning on shovels just watching the back-hoe." City officials were asked to explain the random digging, which can snarl traffic for up to an hour on some streets, but refused comment. "Just be patient and enjoy watching the machinery and your tax dollars hard at work." exclaimed Mayor O'Brien.

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