Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Stroller Spotted in West Wellington Village

Pedestrians and expectant parents alike were awe struck Saturday afternoon when a new stroller hit the sidewalks of West Wellington Village. Spotted just outside Bridgehead (location 647), this new stroller boasts seating for eight, climate controlled passenger compartment, GPS navigation with On-Star compatibility and hydraulic suspension to cushion the ride of the crack laden sidewalks of Wellington Street. A 345 sqaure foot storage compartment easily holds multiple Zigg bottles, Lululemon Sweaters, yoga mats and a special box keeps fresh Artisan bread. An unfortunate pedestrian was struck and killed by the vehicle's titanium frame as it was attempted to be maneuvered inside a boutique furniture store. Curious onlookers were also treated to seeing the massive vehicle automatically transform into Optimus Prime when the child inside had a tantrum. The stroller built by Cadillac is dubbed "LXB 400" and has a price tag of approximately $22,500CDN.