Sunday, June 26, 2011

Westboro Toddler Conquers Everest

Westboro - Lasandra and Erill Chatsworth congratulated their over-acheiving and parentally pressured son Kyae by satellite phone yesterday morning after he reached the summit of Mount Everest. Kyae, aged four, decided to tackle Everest after being prompted by his Tantric Yoga instructor who saw potential in the toddler and spoke with his parents about the possibility of him climbing Everest. "Children need to experience these momentous achievements as a part of their spiritual growth." explained Nadia Lamont, Kyae's yoga and life coach. "His parents want him to be the best at everything, and by tackling Everest I think it will do wonders for his chances at getting into Churchill Alternative School." remarked Lamont.

Kyae, who was labelled "gifted" at age one after he ran his first 5K marathon, has been pressured to excel in numerous activities by his hovering parents Lasandra and Erill. "We don't let him play with any toys because they only stereotype a child into being inferior to adults." replied Erill, 32. "We want a nurturing and progressive environment for our Kyae who we have always encouraged to never fail."

Traversing the deadly slopes of Everest, Kyae managed to reach the peak in 7 days with the assistance of two Sherpas and the sponsorship of Westboro Kids Clothing and Lululemon Kids. After only a small incident where his diaper became frozen, Kyae managed to reach the peak unassisted and without oxygen. Kyae was too frostbitten around his face to say much on the cell phone but looks forward to coming home where his parents are planning to take him to Machu Picchu where they will celebrate his accomplishment after he completes a kayaking course.

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