Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marathon For The End Of Marathons Set For This Weekend

Ottawa - In addition to the 38 different marathons for various charities, cures and assorted beneficiaries, a new marathon has been organized for this upcoming weekend. Dubbed "Race For The End Of Marathons", organizers hope this latest marathon will gather enough support to make sure there will be no more marathons that continual clog city roads and congest traffic. Race To End Marathons spokesperson Larry Hatworth describes the marathon as a way to help support those who are sick and tired of the constant marathons that occur in Ottawa. "We hope to raise awareness that we are tired of constantly having to sponsor people who decide to run in every charitable marathon and irritating us with their constant chatter about how they are training for the race." Hatworth remarked.

The Race For the End Of Marathons marathon will take place Saturday and the race route will not close any roads or cause traffic problems. Hatworth explains their race is on dedicated paths and sidewalks so no roads will have to be closed. "Why not use a perfectly good sidewalk instead of closing roads?" added Hatworth.

The inaugural race already has 2,500 runners participating, with many unaware they are actually running to end marathons because they just wanted to run in yet another marathon, regardless of the cause. "I think half the runners just signed up as an excuse to run in another marathon." replied Hatworth who is organizing special 5,10 and 20K routes for Saturday's race. "Through this race, I hope we can all bring an end to the suffering we all endure listening to these running people blather on about their 'times' and how they've been in training for weeks preparing for the races." says Hatworth.

Anyone interested in participating in the Run For the End Of Marathons marathon is asked to sign up online at or show up at the race starting line Saturday at the corner of Bank and Sunnyside anytime before the race begins at 9am.

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