Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Area Hipsters Gentrify Hintonburg Dumpster Into Coffee Shop

Hintonburg - The up and coming neighbourhood of Hintonburg was further gentrified last week when local hipsters successfully transformed a dumpster into a bustling cafe. Previously a stench and maggot infested garbage receptacle behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Wellington Street, the innovative hipsters sporting oversized, chunky, plastic framed eyewear and tight fitting clothes, renovated the dumpster into a trendy new cafe that also sells used records and vintage clothing.

The dumpster to coffee shop gentrification was spearheaded by Kaylee Herdforth, a 26 year old hipster who moved into the Hintonburg neighbourhood last year. "This area is just perfect for creating new hip and trendy businesses that will draw more of my kind into the neighbourhood." Herdforth explained. "The dumpster project was challenging, but I think local hipsters will enjoy listening to their iPods and grabbing a chai latte here now."

Herdforth transformed the dumpster into a walk up cafe with partner Val Morton, who previously had experience gentrifying other neighbourhoods by opening up American Apparel and vintage clothing stores in other downtown areas. Morton predicts the cafe, dubbed "Dumpster For Hipster" will do well in the burgeoning neighbourhood of Hintonburg. "We already have an Apple Store, a couple vintage record shops and a Pho restaurant, so a dumpster cafe seemed like the right fit." The cafe also offers customers an array of vintage clothing that fits too tightly, old records and turntables, and coming this fall, a liquor licence that only allows the owners to serve Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in cans.

"Dumpster For Hipster" cafe is located behind the Elmdale Tavern and offers free wi-fi and discounts for customers wearing Afghani-style neck scarves and vintage foam and mesh hats.

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