Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shitbox Magically Transformed With $3000 Chrome Rims And A Giant Spolier

Ottawa - A complete shitbox of a car was magically transformed into what apparently is a "sick ride" after owner Renee Leneaux added a set of $3000 chrome rims and a spoiler to the vehicle. Valued at only $300 before the modifications were made, the 1991 Festiva jumped in value to at least $900 after the addition of spoiler and chrome wheels. Leneaux, a resident of Gatineau, spent his last paycheque entirely on modifying his car that was given to him by an ex-girlfriend. "The rims were the first thing I got to make it really sick." Leneaux explained. "Then I got the spoiler that makes it go fast." he remarked.

Almost ready for the scrap heap, Leneaux single-handedly saved the ailing Festiva from certain doom by adding the over $3500 worth of new parts to the $300 car. "Now I can really hit the streets and get respect from my buddies in their Neons." Leneaux exclaimed. Future plans for the Festiva also include under-lighting, a huge loud exhaust tail pipe, and one of those stickers in the rear window that have Calvin peeing on a Chevy logo. Window tinting is also in the plans, but may have to be delayed until next fall when his new girlfriend finally has the baby.

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