Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cirque Du Soliel Launches Highly Anticipated Sol The Clown Show

Montreal - The wacky, but educational antics of the hobo clown, Sol, will now be immortalized through the latest show the award winning Cirque Du Soliel production group this summer. After the conclusion of the popular "Quidam" and "Michael Jackson Immortal" tours, the Sol the Clown show will take to the stage with a dizzying array of acrobatics, costumed dancers, people on stilts and bizarre puppetry.

"Sol the Hobo Clown has long been a symbol of French education and learning." remarked Cirque Du Soliel Promotional Manager Guy LeBoix who spearheaded the Sol production when it began last spring. "Many will remember Sol bringing us hilarious sketches that taught us how to speak French through his goofy pratfalls and situational comedy." LeBoix explained. "Like the Michael Jackson show and the more recent Quidam, Cirque hopes to recreate that magic that influenced so many school children."

Sol brought confusion and smiles to many young students as a hobo clown who handily deconstructs the French language, to the amusement of adults as well as toddlers. Cirque Du Soliel will bring Sol to life on stage through interactive light shows, absolutely bizarre costumes, nightmarish choreography and of course a dizzying and engaging soundtrack that will harness the energy and wackiness of the long running Sol The Clown television program. The show will open in Montreal and follow in cities across North America that include Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax. LeBoix hopes Sol will be yet another hit for the production company that has risen to global fame as a circus of surreal imagery entertainment. "Sol will be brought to life in a a whole new way." Leboix stated. "The stilt walkers have been practicing day and night to capture Sol's visual genius so I think fans will not be disappointed."

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