Friday, June 10, 2011

Area Woman Readies Wacky Jester Hat For Westfest

Westboro - Reaching new levels of hilarity, Westboro resident Lois Walnitz, 44, has dusted off her wacky jester hat to wear at this weekend's popular Westfest event. A standard piece of apparel for all festival events, Walnitz admits the hat brings out her goofy side, and may even have her dancing out of rhythm in front of a lawn chair at the outdoor concert Friday night. "I really go nuts I guess when I put on this hilarious hat." Walnitz explained. "Unfortunately my job at Agriculture Canada does not allow me to wear this hat, so I really look forward to these festivals where I can cut loose and bring smiles to those around me."

Purchased on a whim last year at a Renaissance Fair in Syracuse, New York, Walnitz is anticipating lots of laughs and comments on her headpiece which she says is a real conversation piece when she attends various outdoor concert events. "Bluesfest is a fun place to wear this hat too, but I find Westfest has more people my age sharing in the absolute hilarity of this jester hat, and sometimes a bunch of us wearing these hats get together and start swaying back and forth to the music in front of our lawn chairs during a musical performance." Walnitz admitted.

Emblazoned with colourful fabric and jingling bells, the insanely goofy jester hat should bring out the wild side of Walnitz who plans to have a couple Woody's Grapefruit Coolers, which makes her cackle laugh annoyingly. "My kids hate it when I wear the hat," Walnitz remarked. "They get embarrassed and look forward to the face painting so know one will recognize them."

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