Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stanley The Kitten In Trouble For Sign Stunt

Ottawa - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's newly adopted kitten Stanley was in trouble early Tuesday morning after a rebellious stunt was captured on video during a press conference at 24 Sussex Drive. "Stanley", the adopted kitten from the Ottawa Humane Society, was hastily removed after he held up a homemade "Stop Harper" sign while members of the press were trying to photograph the kitten. Security guards swiftly removed Stanley from the room and the remainder of the press conference was cancelled.

The bold move by the kitten was an apparent protest against his new owner, and he now faces disciplinary action which includes no milk or soft food for one month. A replacement kitten was quickly found at the local animal shelter however, and was warmly welcomed into the Harper family later in the day. Dubbed "Bairdsy", the new kitten seemed to have less of a rebellious nature and was reportedly playing nicely with the family's other cat, Cheddar.

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  1. Bairdsy! ha ha now that's pretty funny!

    Wouldn't a bulldog be more appropriate for that name though? =)

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