Monday, June 6, 2011

Ottawa Mildly Excited About Yet Another Festival

Ottawa - With somewhat limited excitement, FestFest is gearing up to be the 57th consecutive festival being held in Ottawa this summer. Following on the heels of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Festfest hopes to appeal to crowds who want to celebrate festivals, with a festival.

Festfest organizer Nancy Lorman explains, "We really wanted to hold a festival that offers particpants a chance to celebrate festivals through seminars about festivals, festival workshops, and meeting organizers of all the various festivals." Lorman also noted that Festfest will appeal to not only those who want to go to a festival about festivals, but also for those who want to get sunburned in a field full of drunk and/or stoned people. "We'll have a beer tent, grease filled concession stands, and vendors selling the popular glow sticks and t-shirts." Lorman emphasized.

Festfest is also showcasing live music, with "Trooper", "April Wine" and Ottawa's own "Disco Inferno" in addition to some other bands that constantly play outdoor festivals. Held at Lebreton Flats, the grassy field where the event will take place is still trampled, brown and stained from the previous festival last week, but Lorman is confident it may be green in time for opening night September 10. Festfest runs for 7 days, from 8am to 11pm each day and will most likely cause traffic delays in the area. Festfest passes and tickets are available at all Capital Ticket outlets and range in price from $27.50-99.99.


  1. I am hearing that in recognition of Festfest, the O-Train will once again be suspending service to ensure persons travelling to Lebreton Flats use the bus.

  2. I was actually planning to have organize festfest next summer...