Saturday, January 1, 2011

Millions Awkwardly Wish Each Other A Happy New Year

The World - At parties across the globe, millions of people wished each other a Happy New Year by awkwardly hugging and kissing each other, secretly wishing they were in bed at home. As 2010 gave way to 2011, many celebrations forced complete strangers to hug and kiss each other while donning ridiculous party hats and blowing into noise makers.

Many will not remember the event due to extreme alcohol consumption, but others were awkwardly put into the uncomfortable position of having to "celebrate" another dismal year by eating fattening, stale, week-old Christmas hors d'heurves while making idle small talk with guests that they were unfamiliar with, or could care less about.

After enduring the gruelling chit chat, guests then proceeded to embrace one another at the stroke of midnight while in sock feet standing around a television that was broadcasting a Times Square countdown. Many guests then had to kiss and/or embrace strangers, then make an excuse as to why they need to go home where many wished they stayed to begin with.

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