Monday, January 17, 2011

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Bans Itself From Airwaves After Word "Broad" Deemed Too Offensive

Ottawa - The CBSC or "Canadian Broadcast Standards Council" responsible for recently banning the song Money for Nothing by Dire Straits has decided to censor itself from Canadian airwaves after ruling that the word "broad" was too offensive.

The news comes after a complaint from a listener to OZ-FM in Newfoundland who heard the song Money for Nothing, a radio staple since 1985, stating it violates the code of ethics on several fronts due to the use of a slander for someone who is gay. After news of the ban on the Dire Straits song, a woman from Toronto contacted the CBSC and complained the word "broad" discriminated against women and demanded it be removed from the council's title name. Listed as a noun slang for "woman" in the World Dictionary, the word was ruled to be offensive to women by the CBSC and will be banned immediately from the CBSC title and future broadcasts of its own name.

The council convened early Monday morning and ruled in favour of banning itself from the airwaves, and announced it will be referred to as the "Canadian Moderation of Blandness Council" from now on and will embark on a $24 million dollar re-structuring initiative using taxpayers money to make the name change which should conclude in 2016.

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