Monday, January 31, 2011

Cathy, Ziggy Merger Creates Massively Lame Ass Comic Strip

Comic Pages - A recent announcement of the merger between the anxiety ridden "Cathy" and the meekly pathetic "Ziggy" has sent shockwaves through the comic world since the collaboration will most certainly bring a massively lame comic strip to newspapers worldwide. In an unusually bold move, the quiet and soft-spoken Ziggy character proposed to his long time girlfriend "Cathy", and the two are expected to tie the knot this spring in a wedding ceremony hosted by comic pals Bumstead and Jon from Garfield.

In light of the recent engagement, the two comic characters have already begun preparations for the wedding, inviting hundreds of fellow comic friends and acquaintances, including such notable characters as Foxtrot, Heathcliff and even Marmaduke if he can get off the couch.

Rumours are also circulating that the stressed out comic antics of "Cathy" may take a new direction after the wedding since she is apparently pregnant with Ziggy's child. Plans are being made to create a new, ultra-lame comic strip combining Cathy and Ziggy with their new baby and tentatively calling it "Acck! Why Me?" . Hilarity will most certainly ensue as the new parents deal with such funny and comical situations such as dirty diapers, cats sleeping in the crib, and baby barf.

Media is already abuzz with excitement as it is expected that both Prince William and Kate Middeton will also attend the wedding, with Kate being a huge fan of Cathy's bland office and wardrobe malfunction humour.

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