Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scores of Lululemon Shoppers Line Up To Experience 50% Added Sale

Westboro - Hundreds of yoga and non-yoga posers anxiously awaited the Westboro Lululemon store’s Boxing Week 50% More Sale now being offered at select locations. The annual sale offers shoppers the chance to pay 50% more than the ticketed price for sweatpants, yoga shirts, hoodies and other assorted apparel. Renowned for their already high prices on athletic wear, the 50% more sale, now allows trendy shoppers to spend even more money on the already over-priced clothing.

“I waited 2 hours in line just so I could buy this hoodie for $150 instead of the regular $100.” exclaimed Trina Palen, who has been wanting a hoodie from Lululemon for months since she heard it was the trendy thing to wear. “Paying an additional 50% for the hoodie now makes me look even more cool.” Palen remarked.

With scores of overweight and fit shoppers alike clambering to cash in on the opportunity to spend even more money on Lululemon apparel, the store had to hire security to make sure a sense of decorum was maintained. Store Manager Kelly Mivello explained the crowds had to dispersed as some shoppers got heated in their attempts to snatch up the sale items. “When the sale started, we had women fighting over a pair of sweatpants that were marked up from $80 to $100, and neither of them were going to give up their find.” With Lululemon offering this great opportunity, time is limited and Mivello encourages people to get to the store soon before the sale ends, and tags are returned to their lower prices.

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