Monday, January 3, 2011

Watson, Sir Topham Hatt Sign Deal For Light Rail Project

Ottawa - The sounds of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends will now be a reality for the citizens of Ottawa as Mayor Watson and Sir Topham Hatt reached an agreement for the city's Light Rail System earlier today. With Thomas and Friends leading the bidding process for the new LRT system, both Watson and Sir Hatt are confident the rail project will be a huge success. "I'm ecstatic to announce Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends will lead the way for Light Rail in Ottawa." Watson enthusiastically announced last night at a news conference inside City Hall. "With his good natured

assortment of railway friends, I think commuters will be enjoying a fun, safe and reliable experience once the tunnel is completed in 2015." remarked Watson.

Also excited about the news was project manager for the bid, Sir Topham Hatt, known to millions worldwide as the jovial Rail Controller of Thomas and his merry band of steam engines. Sir Hatt expressed a positive outlook for the LRT project and believes working with Watson and City Hall will prove to be a tremendous success and finally bring commuter rail to the Ottawa Region. "Thomas and his Friends are well versed in taking loads of coal and farm equipment around, so transporting commuter passengers should be of little challenge to my hard working steam engines." Sir Hatt exclaimed.

Watson ended the news conference by ceremonially signing the rail agreement with Sir Hatt and cycling his arm up and down in a "Choo-Choo" rail whistle fashion, signalling the beginning of the LRT system in Ottawa.

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  1. I'm leery. It looks like Sir Topham might just be Larry O'Brien with a hat.

    - RG>