Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turmoil In Egypt As King Tut Corpse Elected To Power, Slaves Enlisted To Build New Pyramids

Cairo - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, unable to calm a week of unrest and unprecedented protest against his government, stepped down from power and in
his place the preserved remains of King Tutankhamen took office with a swearing in ceremony taking place earlier today.

More than 200,000 protesters streamed into Cairo's Tahrir Square in the latest dramatic development amid demonstrations and international pressure for the current President to resign. As the economy slides into turmoil, the decision to instate the 3,000 year old remains of the Egyptian Pharaoh may ease a bit of the public fury, but will unlikely stop the political turmoil in the country. The civil unrest in Egypt has mesmerized the region with many citizens unhappy with Mubarak — who for 30 years in power has skillfully crushed dissent, pulling the nation into a prolonged crisis that could further damage its economy, most notably tourism. More than 120 people have died over the last week.

The new Pharaoh Tut Government, or PTG as it is called, took immediate action and has enslaved thousands of Egyptians to slave away in building a new series of pyramids to encourage tourism and create employment for the those seeking work. The move is controversial, but the corpse of Tut is ready for a new pyramid, and his advisors believe the project will rebuild the country's flailing economy and tourism trade. "Egypt will rule again and our Pyramids will again dominate the region bringing power, women and money back to the land of the Pharaoh Tut" remarked Rafiq Khouri, an advisor to the new Tut regime.

Plans are underway to enslave thousands of unemployed Egyptians and bring stability back to the region. As Canadians are being evacuated some are staying to watch the pyramid building process and watch history unfold again. "I want to see how they build a pyramid nowadays, so I'm sticking around." commented Linda Jackson, a Canadian Embassy clerk who is excited about the new pyramid project.

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