Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ottawa Hydro Explains $25,000 Sens Tab

Ottawa - A recent document released yesterday revealed that the tax-payer owned public utility Ottawa Hydro recently spent over $25,000 on Ottawa Senators Deluxe corporate boxes, entertaining themselves and select clients. When confronted with the expenses, chief executive of the public utility, Rosemarie Leclair explained the expenses were justified and that the corporate box was a necessity in dealing with the stressful business of electricity. A chart breaking down the large expenses for the box seats this past season was soon made available under the Freedom of Information Act. It was also mentioned the box was used only for games where the Sens were probably going to lose a game, a "time of use" strategy Ottawa Hydro is trying to implement into its billing structure.

Leclair also went on to explain the corporate box was used specifically for business related activities like discussing issues such as service concerns and billing issues as well as to inform key account customers of programs (such as conservation and demand management programs)how they could work in their specific situations. It was stressed that at no time did anyone in the box turn their heads to watch the ongoing hockey game.

When hydro rates have increased by more than 18% over the last year, many customers will likely be upset, but Leclair defended the expenses by justifying their use. "The corporate box expenses were "smart metered" with clients and patrons being metered for their alcohol and nacho consumption so we weren't over-billed. In addition, we were charged as "time of use" customers by Scotiabank Place, and only paid for hot dogs and beer we consumed, and not for the beverages and foods in storage." replied Leclair.

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