Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Depot Introduces New Flair Badge For Employees

Ottawa - After a recent incident at an Ottawa Home Depot store where an employee was bitten by a customer's dog, the company has quickly introduced a new motivational badge that will be awarded to a recipient who has gained the valuable experience of being bitten by an animal while on duty. The flair badge, which will be adorn employees trademark orange aprons, is called the "Bite Badge" and will be issued to any employee that happens to experience an animal attack at the store where they are working. Featuring the cartoon mascot of the company getting his nose bitten by a small dog, the badge will recognize the bravery and risks employees endure while at work. Home Depot President Mitch Lonner created the badge in response to a recent attack on an employee at an Ottawa Home Depot location where a store greeter was bitten on the nose by a customer's dog. "We want to recognize the bravery and valuable life lessons our employees experience with a badge that will compliment the many other badges, pins and ribbons our employees proudly display on their aprons." Lonner explained.

A common sight on most Home Depot employee aprons are the multitude of pins, ribbons and badges that recognize employee accomplishments such as years of service, customer appreciation and now, injuries at work. Ottawa Home Depot greeter Anne Riel’s nose will never look the same after a customer’s dog attacked her last Friday afternoon, and was the first recipient of the new flair badge. "I was kind of hoping for some sick days off or compensation, but I guess this badge will make my nose disfigurement worth it if it helps increase my apron flair." Riel commented as she was awarded the badge at a special store ceremony yesterday.

A city spokesman said the dog bite is under investigation and added the animal’s owner could be charged under the city’s animal care and control bylaw. "We are investigating this incident and will hopefully have the dog and owner questioned soon." City Animal Control ByLaw officer Tony Frehan remarked. The dog, a cross between a shih tzu and doberman, or "shitterman" as they are commonly referred to, could face assault charges if found.

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