Thursday, April 7, 2011

After 13 Bottles Of Wine, Still No Talk Of Book At Book Club

Westboro- A local women's book club is still trying to select a suitable novel, let alone discuss a book, at their bi-weely book club meeting. After one particular meeting in which 13 bottles of red wine were consumed by the 6 members of the group, it was decided the book they will eventually choose should revolve around the plight of a repressed woman in the early 20th century, or focus on the struggle of a minority.

The book club, who dub themselves "The Westbookos" meet at each others Westboro homes to discuss and compare opinions on books, but have yet to decide on a book after eight meetings. "We usually get started by reviewing Oprah's Book Club list, but then we get sidetracked talking about the local neighbourhood gossip, and then when that fifth bottle of Shiraz gets opened, we forget about books altogether and start talking about organizing a weekend shopping trip down to the Syracuse outlet malls." explained book club member Laura Pilton-Criskle, a 38 year old mother of two. Other activities that sidetrack members from actually discussing books include: constantly checking their cell phones and/or Facebooking/Tweeting, answering cell phone calls from their distraught children, spilling wine on furniture resulting in lengthy cleanup procedures, and consoling certain members who usually break down crying to reveal emotional domestic problems after drinking too much wine.

The next meeting of The Westbookos takes place Thursday April 21 at Heather Nesden-Willis' home on Golden Ave. with times and more information listed on their website:

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