Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scott Street Pothole Turned Into Delightful Koi Pond

Ottawa - After a minivan was destroyed by falling into a large pothole on Scott Street, city officials have decided to turn the 8 foot deep hole into a beautiful koi pond stocked with exotic koi adopted from the tsunami ravaged city of Hirokika, Japan. City Roads Department officials made the decision earlier today after it was deemed more cost-efficient to turn the pothole into a koi pond rather than repair the dangerous hole with asphalt.

"We really think this will enhance the beauty of Scott Street and give motorists a chance to enjoy their travels along the roadway." exclaimed City Roads Department head Glenn Mollack, who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Mayor Jim Watson. Watson also praised the new koi pond as part of a "green initiative" City Council is trying to promote through such projects as the pothole koi pond. "Now as motorists slalom along Scott Street trying to avoid damaging potholes, they can relax for a moment and enjoy the tranquility of this wonderful koi pond." Watson commented.

A number of complaints were filed by city motorists about the large, and often treacherous potholes that scar Scott Street, with one motorist completely destroying their Toyota Sienna minivan after it fell into an 8 foot crevasse. It was later announced that a number of other koi ponds will be created in more potholes as soon as warmer weather arrives.

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  1. Where would one apply for a fishing license for these pothole ponds? Is that municipal or provincial?