Friday, March 25, 2011

New Glebe Footbridge Sponsored By Birkenstock

The Glebe - Residents of the Glebe neighbourhood are excited to learn that the proposed footbridge across the canal will be sponsored by footwear manufacturer Birkenstock, who plans to finance the construction of the bridge when it begins in 2012. Already a popular choice of footwear for almost the entire population of the Glebe, Birkenstock is enthusiastic about sponsoring a footbridge where many of its users will already be outfitted in their comfortably unstylish sandals. "We couldn't be happier to help build a bridge that will finally connect Birkenstock wearers on both sides the waterway." commented Birkenstock President Helmut Schmidt from his office in Berlin. "85% of our sales originate from the Glebe area, so we are pleased to have a chance to give back to the neighbourhood in this exciting way." Schmidt explained.

Many Glebe residents are also excited at the prospect of now being able to cross over from one side of the canal to the other on foot, instead of having to ride bicycles or walk around to the nearest bridge. "This is great, now I can slip on my Birks, grab a cup of green jasmine anti-oxidant tea along with some organic flax seed muffins and head over to my friend's place across the canal without having to drive my Subaru." responsed Tara Klyndall, a longtime Glebe resident who works making organic wooden bead necklaces for the local Organic Fair Trade retail store "OrganicDonor".

Birkenstock plans to finance construction of the bridge next year, when the recycled material, organic, compostable bridge begins construction. Plans have also been made to attach rain barrels to the bridge and to charge a bridge toll for anyone crossing the footbridge not wearing Birkenstock sandals.

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