Thursday, March 31, 2011

My First Blog!....written before my first latte! LOL!

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my blog! I purchased the rights to this blog from the previous blogger after my husband told me to do something during the day other than drink wine with the girls after yoga! LOL!

I've never blogged before but feel I have lots to talk about, since my days are pretty hectic living in such a great part of Ottawa! For example my day started with me making organic-locally harvested lunches for the kids using nut-free ingredients and packing them carefully in re-usable hemp bags. After dressing them in colour-co-ordinated Junior Ralph Lauren outfits purchased from the good people at Red Chair Kids, we hopped in the new BMW and scooted them to their 6:00am You-Go! Yoga class for kids. Some tears and screaming, but it was in French, so I guess the French Immersion is working! C'est Bon!

I then went home to change into my latest LuluLemon outfit and donned my over-sized sunglasses and headed to not one, but all four Bridgeheads that line the street! I had to take off my sunglasses because the shadows from the many loft condos made me run into an oversized stroller which turned out to be Linda from my spinning class! She was on her way to pick up her new kayak to mount to her Subaru Outback's roof.

Then the day got a little crazy when I walked into a sale at a Alteriors Boutique Furniture store where I spontaneously decided to buy a new $9,000 ottoman for the living room. Of course it was only available in "Muted Bone" so I had to go to the organic tile store next door to pick out tile samples to compliment the ottoman. Can you believe I have to wait for 12 weeks for the Libyan granite? Something about a civil war? Sheesh!

A trip down Wellington wouldn't be complete without a salmon pate confit from Thyme and Gain where I happened to see the girls from the Book Club. Well, didn't we get into the Zinfandel and eat way too many vegan brownies! LOL!

Then off to Yelling Yoga where we all yell at the top of our lungs while doing yoga..apparently this is all the rage in New York, and I must admit I felt relieved yelling all those profanities about my husband, but the yogi said it was therapeutic.

Feeling riled and somewhat still saucy from the Zinfandel, I headed into Tuesday's the Romance Store where I ran into about 34 other repressed housewives eager to get sexy in silk! We had quite a giggle at the new outfits that just came in...some even had lace!

Well didn't I check my iPhone and notice it was time to pick up the kids from their after school Tibetan cardio-breathing technique class, so I hopped into the BMW, cranked some Katy Perry on Majic 100, and headed home where my husband brought us home some Artisan Mac and Cheese and Tofu pizza! Yeah! Better scarf it down so I have time to get ready for the Book Club meeting at Juniper! Chapter one, chocolate martinis! LOL!


  1. A great and very relevant post! :-)

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  3. This post makes me realize how disgusting some people actually are.

  4. It's important to treat yourself every once in a while babe! An ottoman here, a kayak's the little things that matter and really brighten our day :) (okay lol I know I totally stole that from our guru/sensei)
    Ps. Any idea if we have to type in caps lock during yelling yoga? Like, I don't get that.
    Pps. Found you that Daily Kittens app that we talked about.

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of furniture