Monday, February 21, 2011

OC Transpo Drivers To Limit Use Of F-Word While Berating Passengers During “Kindness Week”

Ottawa - With “Kindness Week” gaining momentum across the city, OC Transpo drivers are joining in on the acts of kindness by limiting the use of the F-word while they berate passengers on board. OC Transpo feels the edited profanity will help bring a positive note to ridership and encourage riders to spread positive acts of kindness throughout the city. “We are telling our drivers to limit dropping the F-bomb to a 4 or 5 time maximum while they berate or antagonize passengers.” OC Transpo head Gill Perot announced. “We’re also excited to announce that drivers will now try their best to actually stop for passengers at designated stops or might be running up to a bus.” Perot said. “We were also going to ask drivers to limit their cutting off cars as they pull into traffic, but the union contract does not allow that.”

Passengers are looking forward to having the limited profanity greetings from OC Transpo drivers and hope this new initiative, and other acts of kindness continue past the Kindness Week deadline of February 25. Bill Stanson, a frequent rider of the 95 thinks it’s a wonderful idea and hopes drivers might also consider smiling. “I’m used to the bus drivers never stopping, or when they do stop, having them use the F-word a lot when they yell at me for holding up their route or that I stink of cigarettes. This week he yelled at me in a calmer tone, and only swore a couple of times.” Stanson acknowledged.

With many OC Transpo drivers yelling and cursing frequently at passengers and under their breath at outside traffic, the move may help insure Kindness Week rides along with the bus and bring a small, but recognizable improvement to a rider’s bus experience.

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